Bye-Bye James Herriot, Hello Modern Vets

Last researches, made by University of Newcastle show that vets lately are spending their half time on treating farm animals, just as they did ten years ago.

James HerriotThe modern vets take their time in treating sick cats and dogs because of the better payment. Vets like James Herriot, well known for his book All Creatures Great and Small and his farm animal cares are part of the past.

According to expert from the Center for Rural Economy at the University of Newcastle the proportion of the time vets in private practice spend treating animals used for food halved between 1998 and 2006.

The research shows that vets are concentrated on their private practice more than checking the safety of the farm animals. This might lead to risk for the food safety, which came mostly from the farms.

The number of vets working for the government in UK shows serious reducing. 40 years ago, the vets, who took care of the animal farming was 11%. Now this percent is only 4.

Instead of trying to improve and explore the animal disease, which can reflect on human health, vets prefer simply to treat pets. Most of the modern vet are running their own business and are looking for better payment trough pet’s care.


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