Pet Spa Out To Replace Pet Kennels

Pet spa is said to be the new replacement of the traditional dog kennels.

pet spaThe so called luxury hotels for your pets are increasing their popularity and now on the market in USA there are several hotels, which offer the luxury favors for your pets.

One of them is Barkley hotel for dogs in Ohio, where pets are treated with special spa therapy and canine massages.

pet spa 1On the other hand, the animal guests in another spa resort for dogs in L.A., D Pet Hotels Hollywood are offering fully-appointed day spa, organic pet food and treats and all the luxury a dog can take.

Very popular in pet spa area is also Château Pooches, which is now known as the best possible services for your animal friend.

The ultra spa care for one pet here varies from $47 to $109 per night and offers Zen Wellness Center with grooming, manicures, ear cleaning, facials and aromatherapy and even special massage therapist.


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