Worlds’ Fastest and Slowest Land Animals

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The Cheetah has long been recognized as the fastest land animal in the world reaching speeds upwards of 70mph. Pronghorn antelopes, another animal on the savanna, can reach speeds of up to 60 mph. This animal can sustain these speeds much longer than a cheetah.

To determine the fastest animal in the world one has to consider the nature of the race that you are going to ask them run. Once we get speed on land, however, the most important consideration is going to be the distance over which the race is run.  Could dogs be the fastest land animals in the world? (click here to know more).

Following is an info graphic representing the 32 fastest(and slowest) land animals.

(Click on the image for the Full Size)


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  1. julie says:

    I love your blog-it’s very informative! Good to see rabbit on the list!

  2. joe blow the lover man says:

    this list is retarded, that or the title/ description is. it makes it seem like you would go for the fastest of the fast and the slowest of the slow, not just a list of random animals. i mean there are plenty slower land animals than the elephant, so how is this list the fastest and “Slowest” land animals. i’m sure there are many insects and smaller animals that are slower than an elephant. the title should just be some fast and some slow animals. you are abusing the superlative, and this will not stand

  3. julian says:

    Thanks this was really useful for my sons homework

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