5 Tips On Building Bird Houses

bird housesD.I.Y has always been a fun way to bring the family together. This is guaranteed to bring ultimate joy for you and your feathered friends.

The design and placement of the bird house will determine how long it will last.

You can either build from scratch which will cost you lots of time drilling and cutting or you can use a simple kit.

Building from scratch will take too much time and will ultimately bore your kids before the job is completed. It also requires tools that may not be suitable for kids.

  1. Bird houses usually resemble the typical human houses with the sloping roofs, four walls and an entry way. You may chop and change it as you see fit but the structure is basically the same. To make your bird house unique you may use different materials or come up with your own original design.
  2. A bird house must be attractive to birds and to increase your chances of getting a bird to live in it, you must build a bird house that will suit the most popular birds in your area. The location is also important because the birds must be able to see the house and not too close to humans because it will come across as a trap.
  3. Web sites will provide information that will inform you of your particular choice of bird’s needs and bird house requirements. It will also provide house plans and detailed building instructions. These websites cater for people who have chosen to build from scratch and will inform you how to cut the various pieces of wood to build your dream bird house. The wood must be decay resistant like cedar or plywood.
  4. Wood glue, screws and nails will be required to assemble the various parts. To add the finishing touches to your bird house use paint or stain. Finish only the outside as the chemicals in finishing products are harmful to baby birds if the bird house is finished on the inside.
  5. Make sure you do your research and find out if your bird will prefer the house to be mounted on a pole, wire or on a tree. Birds have very vast preferences and sometimes they want to be near to a water source or in a less sunny area or even an open field. If these preferences are not addressed you may have a vacant bird house for a very long time.


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