Know The Pros And Cons Of Choosing Pug Puppy As A Pet!

Pug PuppyPug is the dog that consists of textures on its mouth and ears. The pugs are called the clowns of the dog world.

The construction of a pug puppy is very small with a fine, soft and short coat.

The structure of the pug puppy makes many misunderstand that the pug puppy is soft and sweet. But the pug puppy is strong, fiery towards the strangers and good watch dog.

The pug puppy is happy and cheerful by nature, gets along well with your friends and relatives who come to your house in twice or thrice meetings.

The pug puppy will never be timid and show the signs of aggressions. Always maintain a happy and a playful atmosphere for a healthy pug puppy.

Pug puppy care: Continuous alertness grooming is not necessary for the pug puppy. The pugs do not have much hair, so maintenance is also very little. But, the muzzle area on the pug puppy body should be cleaned regularly as these puppies have the habit of drooling [Essential dog care guidelines].

Puppy care is very essential. Clean under the skin folds of the puppy to avoid hidden mites. The presence of these mites on puppy makes its skin allergic, itchy and dry. Bathing should be only performed once in a month. Regular bathing can evaporate the natural oils on the skin of the pug.

The basic requirements for choosing the pug as a pet is, you should be able to spare some time towards it. They do well in moderate houses and do not need a big background to roam around. They need moderate exercise and regular outing is not necessary. Pug puppies should not be left in the sun for a long time, as they can quickly become overheat and cannot tolerate heat.

Pug puppy training:

The training for the pug puppy must start in the 2nd month. The pug puppy training is easy if you follow certain guidelines [Tips for dog training].

Follow a daily routine: Following a daily routine such as placing the food, water and litter box in same place will make the pug puppy understand the routine. Pugs love routine and love to follow them; routine gives your pug an assurance about the safety.

Follow one word: During training period, stick to one word for one act. Say what you mean! Continue with one single word, use ‘no’ when stopping any act of the pug puppy, do not change the words as stop it or ah-ah, this may confuse the pug.

Crate training: Make the puppy to learn how to stay calm when you are sleeping. This training helps to control the mumblings or barking during the night when you are sleeping or at the day when you are not interacting with the pug puppy.

Why to choose pug puppy as pet?

Selecting the right breeder is very much important. The reasons of choosing the pug as a pet are:

  • Natural clown nature
  • Very clean by nature
  • Lovable
  • Never behave aggressively, often try to be lovable
  • Adaptable to situations
  • Accompany with children
  • Less sound pollution- rarely bark
  • Get along with other animals easily

Why not to choose a pug puppy as pet?

These following drawbacks possibly avoid pug as a pet

  • Shed a lot
  • Health related problems are high
  • Cannot tolerate extreme heats
  • Very active and at times become hyper
  • Sometimes become stubborn
  • Gassiness
  • Snore loudly
  • Become overweight easily
  • Always sneeze, snuffle and snort

Vaccination: Once you buy a pug puppy, you should visit a Vet. You should visit the doctor within a week span. Neglecting the visit to the doctor can lead to different health disorders, as pug puppies are prone to diseases very quickly. The vaccinations should start from 8th week and continue till the age of 12 yrs.


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