Reasons To Love And Adopt Maine Coon Cat As A Pet!

Maine Coon CatIf you are a dog lover and want to own a cat species, then Maine coon cats are perfect for you.

These cats share many similarities with dogs and these are compared to the dogs.

Their fiery is similar to the dog and the temperament of the Maine coon cat is different from other cat species.

The intelligence of Maine coon cat is extraordinary and the personality is different from other cat species.

The Maine coon cat is one of the famous breed of cat on the show tables. These cats are referred as ‘gentle giants’ due their double personality.

Maine coon cats are lovable by nature and always demand attention from their owner by sitting beside and roaming in front of them. They do not love to sit on their owner’s lap and seek attention. Their characteristics are different from other cat species and carry a different character of its own.


The Maine coon cat is the largest domestic cat breed. The typical male Maine coon cat weighs about 12-18 pounds and the ‘petite’ female Maine coon cats weigh about 10-14 pounds. The Maine coon cats are seen in different patterns and colors. The normal color pattern is the tabby coloring on the cat’s body. These cats are recognized in many colors and they are famous for different tabby and pointed coloring on their body.

The construction of the Maine coon cat’s body will not let the viewer misunderstand the cat as a soft cat. The face of the cat is squarish in shape with thick legs, large ears, big rounded eyes and a large muscular body.

Personality/ Temperament:

Maine coon cats stand aloof from all other cat species for their intelligence. The Maine coon cat is known for its intelligence, playfulness, dexterity and distinctive appearance. Maine coon cats have the most common resemblances with the dogs and the behavior is very dog-like. The favorite game of the Maine coon cat is the fetch game [General cat’s behavior].

Maine coon cat loves to eat alone and never enjoy the company of the other animals while consuming its food. Maine coon cats are not lap cats (may be because of their size), they prefer to sit aside its master. The sounds of these cats are different and look like a combination of purr and meow.

Maine coon cats love playing in water and enjoy dabbling in the water. These cats are always well mannered and often misbehave if get jaded, such as pushing away furniture and showing reluctance towards the master.

They will mingle with children, other cat species and dogs. The animals these cats hate most are mice. This breed is famous for its hunting abilities. These cats have a wonderful personality and a perfect cat breed for a family.

Health disorders:

Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy (HCM) is the most common disease seen in the Maine coon cats. HCM is a disease that causes the left ventricle to stiffen and thicken leading to heart failure. Other probable diseases are hip dysplasia, polycystic kidney disease and gum diseases. Nevertheless, Maine coon cats are very healthy and tough animals of the cat breeds [Basics for cat health].


This species is the most intelligent cat species and hence understands the trainer. These cats are quick learners and take less time in learning different techniques.


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