7 Ways to Add Fiber to Your Dog’s Diet

Though fiber is not an essential nutrient to your dog’s diet, you can add it to improve colon health, combat with diarrhea, diabetes mellitus and constipation troubles faced by your dog. It also regulates weight management process of your dog. Adding fiber to your dog’s diet should be planned and incorporated only after consulting with your veterinarian. Depending on your dog’s capacity you can start adding fiber to his diet with the following easy steps

canned pumpkin for dogs

  • Outer shell of a grain is called bran which is rich in fiber; you can sprinkle some of it in your dog’s food. To make it more digestive and palatable you can soak it in water. Bran varieties include rice bran, oat bran and wheat as well. It is the most familiar home therapy for constipation and insufficiency of fiber in pets.
  • You can add apple to your dog’s diet as it has loads of fiber and other nutrients as well. Do not forget to remove the seeds as it includes bits of cyanide which can act as a toxic to your dog. Create mashed recipes that he would love!
  • To make your dog’s food tasty as well healthy, you can incorporate canned pumpkin to his diet. 1/2 tsp for smaller dogs and 1 tbsp for medium or bigger dogs is enough to accomplish your purpose.
  • Brown rice consists three times advanced fiber than regular white rice as well as it is quiet easily available in your kitchen. Instead of putting plain broth, you can add prepared meal with it as a topper on your dog’s kibble.
  • As everybody knows that vegetables are full of fiber, you can integrate different veggies to your dog’s diet. These include carrot sticks, peas, green beans etc. Canned vegetables should not be given to your pet as these contain higher amount of sodium which is harmful for your dog. Make sure that vegetables should be in small pieces as your dog will not be able to digest large pieces.
  • If your dog loves flavored foods then you can opt for chicken broths as well.
  • Medium sized sweet potatoes comprise of near about 3 grams of fiber. Before offering to your dog, you have to microwave the potatoes until a fork can easily pierce it. Mash it and then add 1-3 tbsp to your dog’s meal.

While executing these steps of adding fiber, you have to remember that too much fiber can cause loose stools of your dog or too much gas in your dog’s stomach. Slot in regular exercise to your dog’s daily routine to avoid these conditions

Photo Credit By: thegreyhoundbeckett.blogspot.in


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