5 Ways To Attract Birds To Your Garden

Chirping birds in your garden is a sight sure to cherish! Attracting birds to your garden highly depends on your local environment and sometimes it happens that you are quiet unaware about the birds around your locality. Hence, you have to do certain research. Here we help you with some really good ideas and tools that you can arrange in your garden and attract the beautiful local birds – birds in the garden

1. Provide Food:

You can attract birds to your garden by simply providing food for them. You can buy seeds and feeders for them or else can plant trees and shrubs that bear fruits. While planting trees for birds, you have to focus on planting native plants rather than ornamental plants. It has to be mentioned that depending on the birds available in your environment, check out what kind of plants attract birds for shelter and food.

2. Offering Shelter:

You can plan to build up nests for birds which will also help you to achieve your goal. In doing so, you have to provide different boxes with various holes, orientations and shapes to attract different species. The nest boxes should have proper ventilation as well as reinforcement ring at the opening to prevent predators to enter. Do not put the nest boxes just beside the feeders as this will discourage birds to utilize their nest.

3. Providing Nesting Materials:

Stuffing pet fur, small bits of cloth, straw, hair from your comb, fallen leaves, dry grasses without pesticides, dead twigs, feathers, sheep’s wool, pine needles etc in a mesh bag, which birds can use for their nest, will attract them to your garden. Some birds also occasionally use snake skins for building their nests.

4. Providing Grit:

You can offer birds crushed egg-shells to help them in grinding food in their gizzard as they do not have teeth to chew their food. It will also provide calcium to birds for egg-laying process. Before offering you have to bake those egg-shells to eradicate Salmonella and other pathogens so that the birds don’t fall sick.

5. Providing Water:

The sounds of dripping or moving water can pull birds towards you. If your budget permits you can create superficial pond or a small fountain. Do not place the water near any bushes or trees where pussies can hide before pouncing. Birds will visit to your garden to exploit this water source for their drinking and bathing. Photo Credit By: nybg.tumblr.com


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