De-Mystifying Doggie Body Language

dogYour dog wags his tail one minute and does ‘downward facing dog’ the next minute so what exactly do these mysterious doggie body language signs mean?

According to top dog behaviorists in the country, when a dog wags his tail it is equivalent to a human being smiling or shaking hands with another human being.

And when a dog goes into ‘downward facing dog’ stance this actually means he is really wanting to play! Regardless of if there is a human being such as his owner in the room or there are other dogs in the room, the ‘downward facing dog’ stance when acted out by a dog is very much a sign that they are in the mood to play.

When a dog’s tail is between his legs and his head is somewhat scrunched into his neck and looking out and up, this means he is either fearful or angry, but usually fearful.

When a dog is in this stance your first movement should be to slowly walk away because something is making the dog uneasy.

A dog licking you on the face has been said by many dog behaviorists to be a dog’s way of hugging you or even a dog’s way of saying ‘I love you’. [Dog Behavior]


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