Dealing With Sick Pets

Pet medicineWatching your pet whilst they are sick is one of the most heartbreaking things a pet owner to experience.

However, with the right type of pet medicine prescribed by the vet your pet will be on the right path of recovery.

The trouble then comes when it is time for your pet to take this medicine.

Giving the medicine to your pet is crucial to the pet’s health and giving it the right amounts and times as prescribed is also very important.

Getting your pet to take the medicine can prove to be frustrating at the best of times and your pet can actually become aggressive to avoid taking pills.

Remember to keep your emotions in check all the time and your tone level because a lot of animals are sensitive to their owner’s moods.

While there are a lot of tricks you can use to make sure that your pet takes its pet medicine, every animal is different. This means that what may work on one animal might not necessarily work on the other. The best trick is to know your pet and choose the best means of administering the medication.

These days a number of alternatives are found in place of using pharmaceutical drugs as pet medicine to treat pets that are sick especially in dogs. Some of these methods have been known to work effectively particularly to heal injuries from accidents and the likes.

Methods like herbal therapy are becoming popular with a lot of pet owners in place of common pharmaceutical pet medicines.

Relaxation and massage is also another form of treatment that does not include drugs. This is good at easing pain in your pet. It can also alleviate stress, anxiety and sleeping problems in your pet.

Some pet owners also make use of acupuncture to get rid of pain in their pets. The acupuncture of pets should only be done by a vet and not the regular acupuncture that deals with people.

However if you prefer the conventional methods of treating your pet of any illness then you should know the tricks of getting your pet to take the medicine.

The most obvious trick is to put pills in your pet’s food. You have to be careful with this trick though because a lot of animals have a keen sense of smell so they might detect the pills in their food[pet food]. This can make the pet to be picky with food later on.

Instead of putting the pills in their every day food, put it in an unfamiliar treat. Make sure the treat has a smell that is enough to musk the smell of the pills. Be careful when using pet medicines as some pets may be allergic to certain types of pet medicines.


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