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paralysed bunny

Pets Serve As An Example Even When In Pain

Alyna was born paralyzed. She was brought at the Israeli based hospital of ALYN for therapy and treatment in 2009. Since that time Alyna turns to be more than a patient. Alyna is an inspiration; Alyna is a relief for many other patients in this hospital. The reason is one – Alyna is a rabbit […]

Walking The Dog Benefits The Owner's Health

Walking The Dog Benefits The Owner’s Health

Studies have shown that animal lovers generally exercise with their pets for an average of twenty four minutes, twice a day which totals to more than five hours a week. On top of everything else, most of dog lovers get an extra two hours of exercise every week. This being said, most pet owners get […]

Pentax Optio W90 Digital Camera

Fun Pet Gadgets For A Fun Spring

Your pets need fun. Take a look at the latest gadgets, designed especially for the pets in order to provide them more playful times. The waterproof Pentax Optio W90 Digital Camera is the first camera made for your pets. The camera is made to capture the movements of your pet and to boast an innovative […]

Beginner's Guide To Pet Scrapbooking

Beginner’s Guide To Pet Scrapbooking

Do you want to keep a record of every memorable moment with your pet? Are you fond of taking pictures of your animal companion? If yes, then you should consider making a scrapbook that features you and your beloved pet. Scrapbooking is an interesting and very rewarding hobby. It opens your creativity and imagination. It […]

Penalty For Pet Abuse Protects People Too

Penalty For Pet Abuse Protects People Too

The latest research from the University of Denver has proven an interesting connection between abusing animals and children. According to experts animal abusers are able to abuse also children. The statistics show that 88 percent of the homes where children are physically and mentally abused, their pets were also victims of domestic violence. The good […]