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Japanese Dog Washing Machine For Pet Cleaning

‘Dog wash‘ will never be the same again, a washing machine for pets, which is the latest canine grooming craze to hit Japan. A Japanese supermarket in Tokyo has installed an automated pet washing machine that shampoos, rinses and blow-dries a pet in 30 minutes. You select the dog size and wash cycle, put your […]

How To Treat Canine Diarrhea?

How To Treat Canine Diarrhea?

It is common for your dog to develop diarrhea. Canine diarrhea is not a disease. It can be a symptom of an underlying fatal illness such as cancer. In other cases it is caused by mild cases and can be treated. These mild cases may be caused by your dog eating garbage, stomach viruses and […]

pet kitten

Saving Kitties With A Little Cost Gives Huge Reward For The Soul

The last reports for the homeless cats’ treatment in the United States aren’t very satisfactory. According to the statistics, there are near 87 million free-roaming cats. The government spends amazing figures for their treatment. Only for a year the authorities spent nearly $16 billion dollars to trap and kill the kittens. Many organizations are offering […]

Your Touch And Its Effects On Your Pet Cat

Your Touch And Its Effects On Your Pet Cat

Pets are just like human beings. Aside from their basic needs of food and shelter, they also crave for your love and attention. So how do you show your affection towards your pet? Is giving it enough food and treats enough? No, it also needs to feel your love through your touch. Have you noticed […]

pet therapy

Interaction With Pets Helps Healing Severe Illnesses

Our pets are not just our best friends. We often think about them as a member of our family and often find in them more humanity that we haven’t found in many humans. There are thousands of reasons why to get yourself a pet, but according to the latest research interaction with pets could help […]