Water Wiggler Invites The Birds To Come And Enjoy In Your Home Or Garden!

waterwigglerDo you have garden in your home? Then make it look more beautiful by inviting variety of birds into your garden with water wiggler.

Birds not only improve the look of your garden but your mind and body will also become active by seeing and enjoying the different birds in your garden.

The main purpose of the water wiggler is to attract the birds into your home and garden and to deter the mosquitoes from your birdbath.

The motionless, stagnant water in a birdbath is the ideal place for mosquitoes to lay eggs, but constantly moving water prevents that.

The main advantage of water wiggler is that it makes the water to move so that the water floats here and there.

With this facility, the mosquitoes don’t lie in the water. Stagnant water not only lets the mosquitoes to stay in the water but also various types of bacteria will be developed around it.

Battery-operated agitator of this water wiggler creates continuous ripples in the water that not only deters mosquitoes that spread west nile virus but attracts birds too! Two “D” batteries are needed for it and they lasts for two months.

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