Kitty Washrooms To Satisfy All the Needs Of Cats

kitty washroomWhat is the most unpleasant part of owning a cute little kitty?

Nothing more than finding a perfect place for keeping your kitty litter box! Bathroom, laundry, kitchen, balcony, basement or garages are the common places to place your feline litter box.

But these litter boxes can be an eye sore to the other costly possessions in the home.

Whatever care you take regarding the litter boxes, they seem to take away the beauty of the costly possessions.

Not anymore! Stop worrying about the look of the litter box once you see the kitty washroom.

The making of the kitty washroom is done in such a way that you can disguise the litter box as furniture and hide it from the plain sight.

Do you own litter box? Why do you keep your litter box covered? You probably cover it to keep the messy litter from out of sight to cut down the odors and provide the privacy when they are using the litter pan.

This unique kitty washroom satisfies all your needs and makes the litter box look attractive piece that does not spoil the look of the room.

The kitty washroom is multi functional, which has a stylish litter box cover and has two shelves which provide you storage space. It also has a towel rod for hanging your hand towel and litter box scoop.

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