Things To Know When Bringing Puppy To Your Home As Pet!

puppiesEveryone loves to add puppy for making their home atmosphere lively.

The loving and cuddling nature of the puppy will surely bloom your house atmosphere. What about the puppy? Will your house atmosphere suitable for the puppy?

There are several questions that you need to answer when introducing puppy to your home.

Many think that breeding puppy is just a matter of providing proper food and shelter.

Yes, puppies need these basic things; other than these basic things, puppies also need grooming and training which help them to learn manners, socialization etc.

Necessities of the puppy;

  • Your puppy needs 3-4 small meals a day, as it is in the growing stage. This type of puppy feeding should continue at least for the first 6 months.
  • Your puppy will not learn everything at once. You need to have patience when teaching the puppy potty training. Puppy should be taken outside for every 3 hours for avoiding house spoiling. See that the puppy is taken to same place for making the puppy learn potty training. Going to the same place will make the puppy understand how to recognize the litter place and this helps in recognizing litter box.
  • Obedience, socializations, trainings are important from very young age. Proper puppy training can make your puppy obedient and socialized.
  • Vaccinations are important as puppies are prone to many diseases when compared to dogs. Does your financial status support the vaccinations cost? If not, it is very dangerous for the health of the puppies; vaccinations play an important role in healthy growth of your pet puppy.
  • Sparing time is the basic necessity for healthy growth of the puppy. You should have enough time for pampering your puppy, getting close to the puppy, knowing the attitude and character of the puppy.
  • Do you have enough patience to handle the puppy? Puppies are very mischief and love to explore every end of the house and sometimes spoil the household articles in the exploring process.

When you have decided to bring puppy to your home, first do some homework on the dog species, their requirements, necessities, attitude, behavior and tally all the pros and cons.

After tallying, think whether the puppy breed suits you and your family or not. If you are a dumb person and have selected an active puppy, both you and your puppy will suffer.

Do not go on the look of the puppy and select the puppy, puppies are really lovely and everyone wants to own a cute lovable puppy. First select a breed and then search for puppies that match your home.


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