How To Set Up Environment In The Aquarium For Adding Clown Fish?

Clown FishDo you like to add a bright and bold fish to your aquarium? Every one love to own fishes, which have different patterns on them that makes the aquarium look beautiful [Maintaining aquarium].

Bring home clown fishes as these are very courageous and bold fishes; their courage levels are far away from all other marine species and they live in dangerous places where other marine animals tend to fear.

They are around 30 species of clown fishes and live in warm water and mostly found in pacific, as they cannot survive in Atlantic Ocean. They are very colorful fishes with varying patterns on them, from yellow to maroon, having different textures or shades of orange.

Clown fishes are very aggressive and fight for their territory if they feel they are being threatened. These are very social fishes and mingle very easily in home environment and aquarium environments. These are very strong fishes and survive very easily in all conditions.

Setting up clownfish environment in the aquarium:

In wild, clown fishes need a small territory, so they do not need a big set-up of aquarium. They get along well in smaller aquariums and best suited for people who are living in apartment. The basic requirements of the clown fish set-up are

  • Aquarium tank which can withhold the water up to 40 liters is perfectly suited for clown fishes
  • The clown fishes cannot get along well in normal water conditions; they need sea water for growing in a healthy habitat. If you cannot provide sea water for the clown fish, at least provide water with artificial sea water mix for creating the setup of sea artificially.
  • Any aquarium filter will work better for the clown fishes; they do not have many specifications. So, mechanical filter will do better.
  • Clown fishes live in warm water. If you live in a cold place, then filters are mandatory for the healthy growth of the fishes. Heaters are very important to maintain the temperature in the aquarium, 100 watts filter is prescribed per 50 liters of water.
  • Sand or the aquarium floor is very important for the setup of plants in the aquarium. If you are not providing any plants in the aquarium, then you can setup small grained sea sand in the aquarium as substrate. An average depth of 3-6cms is necessary in the aquarium.
  • The water should not be still in the aquarium you have placed the clown fish. You should provide some circulations in the aquarium. Prefer pumps which can be installed in the aquarium for circulation in the aquarium.
  • Regularly clean the water in the aquarium, drain 20% of water twice a week and fill with sea water or water prepared with sea alternative mixture.

Always give company to the clown fishes. See that you are giving company of opposite sex to the clown fish. Clown fishes get along well with other species and do not hesitate to add a company to the clown fish.


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