Bark Free For Controlling The Dog Barking Effectively!

barkfreeDid you ever feel that your dog barking is annoying you? Dogs are very suspicious animals when compared to other pets, they bark even at small suspicious sound.

Many people, who love dogs, give up the idea of breeding dogs as pets because of the fear of their unusual and unnecessary barking.

But now you can put an end to the unnecessary tension of usual barking of your dog.

Bark Free Pro is the solution for cutting down the barking of the dog [Dog behavior]. This makes your dog to stop barking and it lessens the frequency of barking or exactly minimizes the sound of the dog barking.

If you have a furious dog in your neighbor’s house, then also you face the same problem. You need to bear with the usual barking of the dog and you cannot enjoy peaceful nights.

Sky mall has come up with an innovative product of cutting down your tension and bring tranquility to your home, whether it is your dog or your neighbor’s dog.

Specifications of Bark Free:

The ultrasonic sound waves, which come out from the Bark free pro cuts down the frequency of the dog barking up to 30 feet in an effective way. Once you install this in your home, you can lower the frequency of the sound and make your home calm.

This device turns on when the dog starts barking and automatically turns off, when the dog stops barking. These units are water resistant and the best way to control or minimize the sounds of the dog.

There are 3 models in bark free units. They include:

  • Bark free pro- Works effectively in 30 feet radius and works on ultrasonic waves, which are only heard by the dogs. The device works automatically and does not need any overlooking. This is completely humane way of controlling the barking of the dogs.
  • Super bark free- works effectively in 50 feet and runs on 4D sized batteries. Works effectively outdoors for giving you peaceful outing.
  • Deluxe digital bark free pro- Works effectively in 60 feet radius and is synchronized with 4-speakers for making the bark free work effectively. This has an in-built timer, which sets the on/off states.

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