Fish Breeding Tips For Improving Population In Your Aquarium!

fish breedingThere are many fish species which bring grace to the aquarium tank.

Every one wants to improve the population of their aquarium and make their aquarium look complete.

Rather than adding fishes of different species, many love to breed their aquarium fishes and develop population of their aquarium.

Breeding your aquarium fishes is a very good idea for making the hobby satisfactory.

Keeping the fishes in the aquarium should not be just limited to adoring the fishes; breeding must be added for making the aquarium hobby bloom.

But many amateurs fear of the breeding process and give up the idea of breeding fishes in home atmosphere.

Guidelines for apprentice fish breeding lovers:

  • Prefer adding colorful and healthy fishes to the aquarium. Healthy fish breeding leads to healthy fry’s.
  • Before breeding the fishes, supply them with healthy fish food which is of high quality. Live fish food is better for fishes which are under breeding process. Even after the breeding process, you should be ready with live baits fish food; this gives energy to the new born fry’s and the breeding fishes.
  • Always be cautious about the PH state of the water. Slightest changes in the PH values can affect the breeding process. Make sure that the water you are using in the breeding tank is softer and slight acidic.
  • Arrange a separate breeding tank and transfer the breeding couple to the tank. If everything in the fish breeding tank is normal, then your fishes breed as early as to the next day morning. Water change can trigger the breeding process and can make the mating process successful.
  • Once the fish’s mating is successful and eggs have been laid, the parent fishes must be removed from the breeding tank. The breeding tank must be darkened for successful development of the eggs.
  • Check the breeding tank regularly and see that you remove the nonviable eggs from the water. These nonviable eggs when left in the breeding tank turn into molds (fungus) and spoil the growth of the viable eggs.
  • Viable eggs can be recognized easily as they will be transparent throughout their development process. Incubation of these eggs is very short and is just limited to 20-30 hours.
  • Feeding for these fry’s must be done in regular intervals and only small amounts of food should be given. The starting diet for these fry’s should be live fish food such as newly hatched brine shrimps.
  • Once the fry’s are completely grown and are able to swim freely, transfer them into the big tank. Maintaining your water and food quality will fasten the growth of the fry’s.


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