Survival Of Pet Fishes In Cold Weathers

aquarium fishAre you worried about your pet fishes in winter?

Whether you maintain a fish pond in backyard or having an aquarium in indoors, fishes can easily survive indoors or outdoors during winter times, provided if you take proper care.

Just follow these simple tips for fishes to survive in winter.

Make sure that the fish pond is deeper

Having a fish pond that’s 30 to 50 inches deep can help your pet fishes to survive in cold weathers.

Don’t keep the top surface of the pond or aquarium completely closed as there is a possibility for toxic gases to build up during cold weathers.

Connect aerator to aquarium air pump

Make sure that you place an aerator deep inside the pond or aquarium. Constant monitoring would be benefiting because when the aerator is too close to the surface it is more prone to freezing.

Place a cover over the top

Cover your fish aquarium or pond almost enough to ensure warmth that will keep your fishes alive. This will reduce the requirement of other electrical tools like heater or de-icer in the fish pond to protect fishes from extremely cold temperatures.

Feed your fishes appropriately

Feeding in extremes or having them to starve during winter could make fishes harder to survive. Be certain that you feed them with sufficient amounts and at scheduled intervals of time.

Make sure that you feed your fishes with foods that are easier for fish digestion system like wheat germ. [Fish food]


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