Aquarium Plant – Gives Natural Set Up To The Water In The Aquarium!

Aquarium PlantYou will wonder after seeing the plants in the aquarium. An aquarium plant is very much important in the aquarium.

It creates a natural set up to the water in the aquarium for the fishes. The setting of an aquarium plant makes the fishes feel secure, safe and less stressed.

The plants are the place to hide, when the fishes feel threat. Some species do not survive in the aquarium without the aquarium plants.

There are two types of aquarium plants:

  • Plastic plants
  • Live or natural plants

Aquarium plastic plants: Maintenance is less or some times do not need any maintenance. A green moss is formed as layer on the plastic plant when they are present in the water for long time. Take out from the aquarium and clean with water.

Do not use any soap or cleaning agents, as they stick to the plant and contaminate water. Care should also be taken in the material with which the plant is made. This should be non-toxic.

Toxic plant material creates a problem for water breathing animals and may end up killing them. They can be used only for decorative purpose or referred as aquarium fake plant.

Aquarium live or natural plants: Maintenance is hard compared with the plastic plants but the benefits are wide spread when compared with artificial plant. This gives the perfect under sea look and environment for the fishes.

The fishes discharge some compounds that are used by the plants as nutrients, which support the growth of the plant. This also avoids water contamination with fish excrete.

The growth of the algae and some mosses is controlled by biological process of the plant, which maintains clean and moss free healthy aquarium. Some times when unfed, the fishes find their food in the plant foliage.

The aquarium plants sometimes turns pale in color due to the improper care of the plant.

Taking Care of the aquarium plants:

  • Regularly check the plants in the aquarium. If any dead parts are found, they should be detached immediately from the plant and removed from the aquarium.
  • Provide sufficient amount of carbon dioxide. The major percentage of CO2 is released from fishes by their respiratory process. Insufficient amount of air in the water is filled up by a system that inserts carbon dioxide into the water. The percentage of CO2 in water should be around 30-40% per liter supporting the survival of the plants. Be cautious while increasing the percentage of CO2 because it can be dangerous for the survival of fishes.
  • Plants need adequate amount of light. Lighting is the vital process in photosynthesis of the plants which supports the growth of plants. If your aquarium is in the region of sunlight, it does not need any specific light set up. If it is far away from the sun light, a set up of artificial lighting is required. The artificial light should produce the complete band or spectrum of light supporting photosynthesis.
  • A perfect base is necessary for the proper growth of the plant. Sand and gravels are normally used to create a base in the aquarium. The base should be deep enough for the plant to expand through its roots and depth should be 8cm in large aquariums and 4cm in small aquariums. The base can also be mixed by some nutrients that help in the growth of the plant and be cautious that the nutrients do not spoil the PH and alkaline state of the water; otherwise it can result in death of the fishes.

Natural aquarium plants also support breeding of the fishes as they feel the set up of plants is secure and some species lay their eggs on the leaves.

Comparing with the artificial plants, natural plants give vast benefits in the growth and survival of fishes.

It is sort of under water beauty of the fishes capturing inside the aquarium.


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