Fish Species Appropriate For Fish Tank

fish tankNot all types of fishes will survive in fish tanks.

Some are better adapted to the wild ocean waters where there is freedom of movement and his choice of food.

Artificial foods are not necessarily the best for every fish and besides most are born to hunt. Well, there are several types of aquarium fish that can be an interesting collection to your aquarium.

Gold Fish

These are beautiful little fishes that will go down with any aquarium. Gold fishes are a must-have and they will not disappoint you in terms of keeping you captivated as you watch them swim around with ease in their new home. They are easy to care for and will definitely lighten up your aquarium.


If you are looking to keep an aquarium of less than 180 gallons of water then you better cancel this fish as part of your collection. It’s large so anything less than the stated is not enough.

It’s advisable to leave this fish to those who have been in the fish business for a while because it can be a challenge to keep, however it’s beautiful and varied body shape has tempted many none the less. Just care for it properly and you will not suffer any problems.

Butterfly fish

For beautiful and captivating fish, you better be looking at the butterfly fish. They are second to the gold fish when it comes to displaying a beautiful array of colors.

This fish is also large and better suited to larger aquariums. So if you are starting off small, then scrap it off your list.

However, they need care if you want them to live long. They are not that easy to keep and can be quite a challenge.

Oscar fish

These are common additions to most aquariums. They are pretty and have such amazing colors to display.

All they need is your detailed attention to how you care for them and they will shine out in your aquarium. Relatively easy to keep so anyone can add them to their collection, even if you are just starting.


These are one of the easiest species to keep in aquarium. Not only do they demand less energy from you, but they are also attractive, which is a perfect characteristic for an addition to your fish tank.

There are a lot of colors across different types of clownfish but the most common is orange, a personal favorite, being the orange with white stripes. Choose the perfect color of clownfish to brighten up your fish collection.


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