How To Select The Dog That Is Adaptable To Children?

pet dogIntroducing pet dog to your home? This is a very good idea of adding company and security to the home.

When it comes to introducing puppy or dog to any home, there are several important things to consider. It is always suggested to bring home a puppy rather than a dog.

If your home has small kids, then you should see that the dog will not hurt the small kids.

There are many cases where an untrained dog has attacked small kids as they do not love the company of small kids.

So, untrained dogs can be dangerous for your children. If proper dog training is given from the puppy stage, they can be harmless to the kids.

Sometimes, it becomes necessary to select a grown up puppy in the house, so when selecting a dog you should follow certain guidelines for avoiding disaster to happen by the dogs.

Tips in selecting malleable dog for your children:

  • When selecting dogs in a children’s house, see that the dog is non-aggressive and has a soft behavior. If the dog have any traces of aggressiveness, then it’s better to select another dog. The first glance at the dog may not let you know the attitude of the dog as the dogs are very aggressive towards stranger. You should visit the dog at least 3-4 times to estimate the dog’s behavior.
  • Is the dog you selected compatible with children? Some dog species are not at all tolerant with children and cannot get along with children even after obedience training. Select a dog from the breed which enjoys rambunctious atmosphere of the children.
  • The size of the dog plays a very important role in selecting a dog as a company for your children. If your child is very small and dog is very big, then there is a chance that the dog can attack your small child. Never leave your child alone with the dog until your child feels free to go to the dog.
  • Choose trained dogs when introducing to a child. Trained dogs will be obedient and have very good patience levels. Children will be very mischievous and will always try to explore the dog.

Hence, if the dog is impatient, the child’s behavior can annoy the dog and can even attack the child. Training helps the dog to be patient, obedient and make it learn how to be harmless towards other pets and children.

These tips will surely help you to select a perfect dog that is suitable for children in your home.


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