Dog Allergies – Nasty, Unpleasant But Fixable

The human allergies are a big concern, we all are aware of that for quite a few years now.

But is it not getting a bit strange that even our pets are suspected of suffering from the same conditions?

Not only sneezing or fever but also skin conditions, which can prove to be far more severe.

Some of the symptoms that might give you a hint your pet is suffering from an allergy are excessive scratching, licking or losing hair in precise spots.

The reason you need to be especially careful is that a minor allergy can develop into a serious disease and at one point it might be too late for you to save your pet pal.

According to specialists, allergies are one of the main causes of skin conditions which start by itching and can turn into granuloma.

But do not get frightened, most of the allergies can be treated if you address a doctor in time. It will probably need a treatment based on antihistamines and you will definitely have to remove the allergic source.

What that is will be established by the vet through blood tests (from food to dust or bacteria, it could be anything). So pay attention to your pet’s symptoms just in case there is something you might need to observe.


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