Taking your Furry Friend for a Dog Show- Avoid the Most Common Mistakes

Do you have a dog and you wish it to perform in a dog show? Or, do you train dogs for show and need your trained dogs to win prizes in the show? Then make sure that you do not make some very common mistakes that often occur during the process of the training itself.

Training a dog might sound easy on paper, yet it is not really that easy when it comes to do it in practice. Check the following list to know if you are making any of these mistakes.

taking your furry friend for a dog show5 common mistakes that might affect your dog’s performance in a negative way:

Irregular Training

This is probably the biggest mistake of all you can make while training a pet. You have to train your dog quite regularly and you should also make sure that the training session is neither too long nor exhaustive or too short for your dog to pick up instructions. If you train your dog just before a show, it is more likely that it will not perform properly during the show.

Repeating Commands

While training the dog, you must make sure not to repeat command too much. It makes your dog confused. Moreover, if you keep repeating commands, your dog will have the habit not to respond to the command when it is given for the first time. So as you become sure that your dog knows the behavior expected of him when a specific command is uttered, do not repeat commands at all.

Using too Much Emotion

It is very important to maintain a balance of your emotion while training dogs. You should not be angry or irritated neither should you express too much happiness while training. Also do not punish your dog too often or too severely while training, this makes the dog utterly confused.

Instead of Building the Dog’s Self Esteem you Rely on Treats

This can be a terrible mistake on your part, since you will not be able to use treats to lure your dog during a dog show.

Train to the Individual Dog

Each dog, like human beings have their own way of working. You need to know the dog well before you can actually make him learn things. Remember not all dogs respond to the same technique.

Get rid of these mistakes, and you will have dog that performs well in any show.


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