New Dog Breeds Make an Appearance at Famous Dog Shows

The Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show is one of the most famous dog competitions in the world. Actually this one is perhaps the most prestigious one. This year’s competition is the 135th annual show, which is a very special date, especially for the new breeds.

dog breedsYears ago the competition was very strict about the new dog breeds. They were never allowed to participate in the dog show, but nowadays the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show has opened the doors for six new breeds.

This year the show will present six breeds:  Bluetick coonhound , Boykin spaniel, Leonberger, Redbone coonhound, Cane Corso and Icelandic sheepdog.

One of the most interesting new breeds is the Leonberger. This breed is named after the German town of Leonberger and it is a very large dog breed. It is already labeled as a multipurpose working dog and it resembles parts of Saint Bernard and German shepherd, which makes the dog very reliable.

The Iceland sheepdog is also considered as a very confident dog. Actually it is described as one of the oldest types of dogs on the planet.

The Bluetick coonhound is another interesting breed that resembles English coonhound and French staghounds, so don’t miss it in the show.


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