How To Take Care Of Your Cat’s Teeth?

In the past, pet owners did not pay too much attention to the condition of their pet’s teeth.

We now know that it is as important to pay attention to your animal’s dental needs as it is to pay attention to our own.

Caring for your cat’s teeth is vital especially as they begin to age.

How to care for cat’s teeth?

The first step is to schedule an exam with your vet to see if there are any existing problems. Often they will put the cat under anesthesia in order to work on their teeth. Once any problems have been addressed, it will be up to you to care for your cat’s teeth at home.

Pull back your cat’s lips with care and check for any signs of damage such as gums that are red and irritated or brown or yellow spots on the teeth.

You can go to your local pet shop and purchase a toothbrush and paste that are made especially for cats. It is best to start a brushing routine when your cat is still a kitten but you can get an older cat to adjust to a daily or weekly session of teeth brushing.

In order to reduce the incidence of tartar, you should feed your cat a combination of wet and dry cat food. Feed your cat treats that are crunchy and provide them with toys that are made with ingredients such as sisal as this will help in your quest to eliminate tartar and plaque.

Checking regularly for any problems can help you to avoid a serious situation with your cat’s teeth. If you notice that your cat has any bleeding, inflammation or irritation along his or her gum line you should schedule a visit to your vet immediately before the problem worsens.

Cat care encompasses a variety of tasks and caring for your cat’s teeth should not be forgotten. We know that suffering from a toothache or gum disease is very painful and it is no different for your cat.

The only difference is that they cannot voice their pain and it is up to you to ensure that your cat’s teeth are in the best condition as possible. With all the dental products for pets that are on the market, there should be no reason for your cat to suffer with poor dental hygiene as a result.


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