Do You Have Pet Cat? Here Are Few Cat Care Tips To Take Care Of Your Pet!

Cat Care TipsCat requires appropriate care and tender love from you even though they are self sufficient animals.

Cats are the most lovable pets which will become your best companions with in short period of time.

The life of your companion can be improved a lot by these six steps:

  • Handling
  • Grooming
  • Diet
  • Housing
  • Litter box
  • Playing

Handling: Handling a cat is the important aspect of cat care. You should not lift the cat by picking the scruff of her neck. This is the wrong way of handling the cat.

The right way of holding the cat is, take the support of hindquarters with one hand and gently hold your cat with the other hand against the chest, under the front legs.

Watch out for wriggling and scratching escape movements of the cats because some cats love to be held in that position and others don’t.

Grooming: Cats are named as the clean animals because they will do their own bathing routine by licking their paws and fur. This abolishes the necessity of bathing or cleaning your cat, except in some extreme situations.

In order to keep the coat clean and shiny, you have to brush your cat. The occurrence of hair balls can be decreased with the help of daily brushing.

Diet: In order to attain perfect cat care, you must provide nutritionally balanced diet, including constant access to fresh water for your cat. If unsure, ask a veterinary doctor for advice on what and how often to feed your pet.

Housing: You must provide a rest place for your cat. To attain comfort sleeping for your pet, try to cover the cozy basket with warm, soft towel or get suitable cat bed. Maintain cleanness near the cat’s rest place and wash down the bedding more often to attain proper cat care.

Litter box: The Indoor cats must have litter box which should be placed in the quite location and can be easily available for the cat. Most probably try to place the boxes in your bathrooms, laundry rooms, utility basements or rooms.

If you are living in the duplex apartment, try to place the litter box in each floor so that the cat may not be confused where to go.

Playing:Cats love to hunt mice! To delight and thrill your cat, offer the toys which resemble the live prey. The finest toys for the cats are those which dance and jump around and which looks alive. Certainly your cat will enjoy the play with those toys.

These are the usual cat care tips which do not require much effort and time.


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