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Pet Cat – Digestive Issues and Vomiting

Anyone who owns a cat knows that this animal has some special requirements, when it comes to food and care. There are many digestive issues, which you should know, so here are the most important things a cat owner should be concerned about. Unlike the dogs, which are psychologically similar to many other mammals, the […]

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Stress – The Major Health Concern in Cats

Taking care of your feline pet involves both physical and mental care of the cats. Cats are sensitive creatures and experience stress easily. If the stress is not taken care of in time, it can lead to distress and physical problems. One of the major reasons for feline stress is any kind of change in […]

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A Small Sting Can Save Your Cat Life

In case you are a cat owner, you shall know that vaccination is one of the most important thing you should do about your cat’s health. According to the recent statistic, the cats that have been vaccinated are suffering less from diseases and infections. Therefore, inform yourself about the advantages of the vaccination. Actually many […]

Identifying Feline Asthma

Identifying Feline Asthma

Yes cats can have asthma, and it can be heart rending to watch your pet suffer the symptoms of feline asthma. Commonly seen symptoms of feline asthma are: A dry sort of cough that recurs, the sort that we hear when the cat is about to throw up a hair ball. Occasionally the repeated coughing […]

Dealing With Feline Diabetes

Dealing With Feline Diabetes

Cats are susceptible to many diseases throughout their lifetime. One of them is diabetes. This is a common disease among cats and is brought about when a cat’s body doesn’t produce enough insulin. During digestion, the nutrients are broken down into storable compounds. One of these compounds is glucose, a compound that is responsible for […]