Identifying Feline Asthma

Yes cats can have asthma, and it can be heart rending to watch your pet suffer the symptoms of feline asthma. Commonly seen symptoms of feline asthma are:

  • A dry sort of cough that recurs, the sort that we hear when the cat is about to throw up a hair ball.
  • Occasionally the repeated coughing could cause the cat to vomit.
  • Wheezing is one of the key symptoms of human asthma and so it is with feline asthma.
  • Panting and openmouthed breathing or fast and labored breathing are also feline asthma symptoms.

There are many allergens that could trigger an asthma attack in your cat so it is important to identify them. The vet may suggest appropriate treatment which may be medication or a special inhaler so that the symptoms can be alleviated.

Taking the help of a vet as soon as you suspect that your cat has feline asthma may help to reverse or at least limit the damage that is caused to the lungs and airways.

This is also important because in severe cases the animal could suffer an asthma attack that constricts airways, making it impossible to breathe.


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