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Bengalese finch

What to Know Before Taking a Bengalese Home?

The Bengalese finch is also known as Society finch, and in its usual form it very much resembles the Sharp-tailed Munias. They have an upper and a lower mandible; the upper one is usually black, while the lower one has a brighter color. The back and the tail of the bird have a chocolate brown […]


The Canary – Tips to Grow the Singer Bird

The melodious song of the canary brought to these charming birds the status of the most beloved apartment pet birds in the world. The canary needs a lot of space but other than that they are easy to take care of and they easily adapt to any environment. When you buy a canary, look for […]


Parakeets – Why Do People Prefer Them?

Parakeets are some of the most loved bird pets all over the world but with so many varieties around, you have to carefully make up your mind as to which one suits you the best. When John Gould came back from Australia to England in 1840, he brought back with him the very first parakeets […]

Getting Your Pet Parrot To Say The Right Words

Getting Your Pet Parrot To Say The Right Words

Most parrots are not literally taught to talk but copy the words or phrases that happen to pass by their ears and attention. Some phrases like “mornin’ Jack” could be perfectly spoken simply because these were the words that you spoke to the parrot most often. With all these you still have to prepare a […]

Loud Parrots Have A Reason To Be Like That

Loud Parrots Have A Reason To Be Like That

Many people consider their parrots the ideal type of pet requiring a lot less care and attention compared to a dog or a cat, less food and less cleaning after. All these benefits are seen before the birds become too loud, start making noises and turn out to be a lot more communicative than you […]