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bedbugs on pets

Bedbugs Can Do a Lot of Damage to Your Pets

Bedbug infestation has grown to epidemic proportions all over US, leaving no one untouched. Bedbugs irritate not just humans but also their pets. Bedbugs are small, rust colored pests – about the size of apple seeds. They are semi nocturnal and parasitic in nature, and generally trouble warm blooded animals like cats, dogs and birds. […]

pet cat

Introduce Holiday Visitors to Your Cat The Right Way

The holiday season brings in plenty of festivity and fun. It may also bring house guests to your home, which to date has been the personal haven of your furry companion. Cats are not that friendly pets and may find it difficult to accept new contenders in their domain. So what can you do as […]

pet gecko

Create a Safe Haven for Your Gecko

In case you have a gecko for a pet, then you surely need to create a reptile-hide for your pet. The reptile décor is extremely important for your pet because this keeps it healthy and happy. The specialists recommend hides with a lot of stones and rocks, for this is the natural environment of the […]


Turtles Too Need The Vet

We see turtles as some of the sturdiest pets but a turtle owner should know that turtles must be taken to the vet because of various reasons. Even if they seem healthy a general checkup must be conducted once or twice a year. It is important to keep in mind that examining a turtle is […]

pioneer pet bunk bed

The Pet Gifts You Can Buy on a Budget

It’s Christmas, so you should consider buying a present for your pet too. This practice isn’t very popular, but according to the specialists, your pets also feel the spirit of Christmas, so you can’t turn your back on them. Choose something useful and surprise your pets at Christmas.  In case you want to choose something […]