Create a Safe Haven for Your Gecko

In case you have a gecko for a pet, then you surely need to create a reptile-hide for your pet. The reptile décor is extremely important for your pet because this keeps it healthy and happy. The specialists recommend hides with a lot of stones and rocks, for this is the natural environment of the gecko.

pet gecko

Don’t go for too modern hides, try to provide close-to-the-nature environment and make sure your pet likes it. The artificial rocks and grass should be avoided, because they may stress your pet. Building a reptile-hide isn’t that difficult and you can do it by yourself.

For instance, if your pet is still small, just reuse some old items at home and create a hide. The old fish bowl provides enough space for your little reptile, so you can reuse and turn it to a reptile-hide.

In case, your gecko is big enough, you should provide more space. If you are on a budget, here are few ideas on how to create a reptile hide for your gecko. The old bath tub can be turned into a perfect place for your reptile.

Just provide some rocks, plants and even trees. It is spacious enough to be a playground for your pet. Another cheap reptile-hide is the glass box. Purchase a large glass box and place some natural environment inside as you make sure you leave holes for fresh air. Of course, if you can’t create it yourself, any pet store will offer you reptile hides in many sizes.

gecko shelter

Recently, mini caves have come up, so you can choose a mini cave that will be a perfect reptile hideout for your gecko. Another trick that may help you in creating a reptile paradise is to use paper towel rolls, cereal boxes, etc., for they will also be good items to create dark places for your reptile. A flower container can also be turned into a reptile-hide, but go for the ceramic ones, for they keep the atmosphere cold.

The cool whip containers with fake rocks are perfect for a reptile hide, so don’t hesitate to create one. The cheap containers on the other hand can just be a temporary decision, for they don’t last longer. In case you want to be sure that you’re buying something solid, go for a professional reptile-hide.


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