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Parakeets – Why Do People Prefer Them?

Parakeets are some of the most loved bird pets all over the world but with so many varieties around, you have to carefully make up your mind as to which one suits you the best. When John Gould came back from Australia to England in 1840, he brought back with him the very first parakeets […]


Choose the Right Pet for Your Child

In case you have small children and you love pets, you will have to choose the right pets for your little ones. According to the experts, if you surround your children with just one pet, this will be one of the best ways to teach your children to respect and love. Animals, especially the little […]

feeding horse

The Must-Know Basics About Feeding Your Horse

For your horse to grow and achieve an optimal performance, it needs a healthy and balanced food. The right balanced food is classified in different categories like energy, fiber, protein, minerals and vitamins. The energetic needs of the horse vary depending not only on its weight, temper and efforts done but also on its life […]

pet sitter

How To Choose The Right Pet Sitter?

The right care for your pet is complex and depends on you. Many people consider the pet sitters as the best care they can provide for their pets. In case you are busy and you don’t have time to take a care of your pet, you should consider hiring a pet sitter. The role of […]

cat family

How Does The Cat Family Adopt A Little Stray Cat?

The psychology of the “mother cat” glues the stray cat communities in the streets of Rome because away from the human interference cats follow the rules of belonging to a certain definition of “home and family”. We know that cats are social creatures. When you bring home a little stray, base its interaction with the […]