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winter chill

Protect Your Pet Against The Winter Chill

Winter is about to come and the pet owners should provide some extra care for their outdoor pets. Pet Shelter The chill weather is dangerous for any pet, so consider building a shelter for your outdoor pet. In case you have a dog, the shelter is an absolute must, if you want to keep your […]

pet adoption centers

Why Should You Get A Pet From Pet Adoption Centers?

Not many people are comfortable with adopting pets from pet adoption centers. They have many doubts and are not at all comfortable with the idea of adopting pets who have been previously given up or have been rescued. Many people are looking for a particular breed and look for breeders or pet stores to fulfill […]

dog damaging home

Stop The Dog From Destroying The House

Indoor housetraining is one of the most important things you should know, in case you are a pet owner. Don’t hesitate to research more about this topic, for it will give you some tips how to train your dog and prevent the damages in your home. Luckily there are lots of advices on this issue, […]

house pet 1

Hello, My Name Is “House Pet” And I Am Mighty Jealous!

That would be exactly the statement that can define the situation going on in a house with several pets. No matter if the pets share the same race or are completely different species the jealousy that we so much despise in humans can make itself known in pets too. If I would write myself a […]

monkeys as pets

The Challenge In Keeping Monkeys As Pets

Humans have always had pets as companions and primates have always fascinated humans. Primates are attractive pets for the simple reason that they are so similar to people and this is exactly why it is difficult to keep monkeys as pets. Keeping primates as pets is a serious and long time commitment as the average […]