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dog eating grass

Why Do Our Doggies Have Herbivore Behavior?

Anyone who has a pet at home knows that dogs often eat grass. In case you are wondering why they have this behavior, there is a reasonable explanation. Surely, it is not because they have worms that irritate their stomach. The animal experts are explaining this process as normal and claim that dogs eat grass […]

Reasons Why You Should Have An Aquarium In The Classroom

Reasons Why You Should Have An Aquarium In The Classroom

The school is the best place to learn new things. Kids enjoy being in school especially if they get to learn stuffs through fun and wholesome learning experiences. Not only do they get to learn about how to read and write but also how to become responsible, industrious, kind, and caring towards other living things […]

fish bowl

14-Creative & Unique Fish Bowl Designs

Check out these 14 creative, fun fish bowl designs! These definitely are not your average fish bowl! Fun, unique designs can be found for every taste.

Cat Grooming Techniques For New Cat Owners

Cat Grooming Techniques For New Cat Owners

Is it your first time to own a cat? Are you so excited you don’t know where and how to start taking care of it? Cats are very gentle animals which are very popular as pets. However, just like other animals, they need to be properly taken care of. The best way to start being […]


Toronto Gives The Tone For A Pet Friendly Attitude

Toronto Humane Society is an organization that gives another reason to think about the animals and their shelter care. The organization is having a new goal – to find homes for nearly 60 animals and to improve the local shelter’s work by strictly monitoring and new rules. The adoption blitz of this organization is aiming […]