14-Creative & Unique Fish Bowl Designs

Check out these 14 creative, fun fishbowl designs.These definitely are not your average fish bowls; Fun, unique designs can be found for every taste.

Each different variation is a masterpiece and is sure to be a conversation starter. Fish bowls just got a new, fabulous modern look.

1. Roger Arguer Fish Bowls

If you’re looking for a trendy, fun new way to display fish, a Roger Arguer fishbowl is a must-have! From the double-bowl design to the fishbowl/vase, this whole collection is filled with fish bowls you’ve never imagined!

fish-bowl1Designer: Roger Arquer

2. Portable Fishbowl

Carry your beloved goldfish with you everywhere you go!  Now you can go with this new portable fishbowl designed by Michal Shabtiali.

This sleek new bowl complete with carrying handle is sure to get you and your goldfish buddy noticed without a doubt! You won’t find another fishbowl like this one. Dogs aren’t the only ones who can be carted around in style anymore!

fish-bowl2Designer: Michal Shabtiali

3. LED Earth Globe Aquarium

This LED Earth Globe Aquarium is not only a fishbowl but a decorative light as well. The bowl sits on a four-legged stand. In the dark, it turns into a cool electric blue map of the earth; it projects a really neat shadow, too.

The electric blue colour is really cool as far as lighting goes, and it’s the perfect size to sit on a tabletop or an end table. We all know LED’s are energy savers, and at around fifty bucks, this is a really affordable, unique fish bowl.

fish-bowl3Buy at: Wrapables

4. O Aquarium/Vase

The O Aquarium/Vase is an elegant, classy fishbowl if there ever was one. Its vase within a fishbowl design allows you not only to display your favourite fish but your favourite plants as well.

This is actually a really natural, modern, decorative piece that just happens to double as a fishbowl and a vase! The clean, clear glass is beautiful in its simplicity and its display of Mother Nature. Fish can be placed in the vase bowl, or in the outer bowl, or both.


5.   Hanging Fish Bowl

If you’re looking for a more fun, creative way to display your fish than just a plain old fish bowl sitting on a table, then this hanging fish bowl is exactly what you need.

You can hang it anywhere you choose; it’s about five inches bottom to top and holds around one gallon of water.The hanging fish bowl is a fun, decorative piece that really adds colour and life to any room, not to mention it’s sure to be the centrepiece of any room.

This is definitely a unique way to show off your fish, and for about thirty bucks, it’s a great bargain!

fish-bowl5But at : Product Dose

6.   Savoy vase Fish Bowl

The Savoy vase fish bowl is a high class way to display your fish. The Alvar Aalto Savoy vase is unique and original in its design and shape. Used as a fish bowl, it’s a modern, classy look that’s sure to turn more than a few heads.You won’t find any other fish bowl out there.

This vase slash fish bowl can also be used simply to display your favourite plant life and still looks classy. The added colour of the fish and/or plants draws even more attention to this already attractive vase. Who would have thought fish could be so exciting?

fish-bowl6Designer: Joel

7.   Rollercoaster Aquarium

The rollercoaster aquarium offers a way for you to display your fish and your favorite plants. This double-bowl design offers a large area for your fish to swim, play, and hide. Two cups are located at the top of the aquarium where you can place plants or store fish food, whichever suits your preferences.

This rollercoaster aquarium was made by Isabelle Leiins iL Studio. It’s not only an aquarium but a natural, modern decorative piece that adds life and a splash of colour to any home. This is a great alternative to a plain old one-dish fish bowl.

fish-bowl7Designer : Leijn

8.   Cat Fish Bowl

This could possibly be one of the cutest variations of a fish bowl ever. The cute cat design of this bowl is adorable. Your fish will get a kick out of swimming around in a bowl designed after one of its worst enemies! The cat fish bowl is a fun way to display your fish.

Its design is clean and simple. It’s a fantastic variation of the round fish bowl we all know.

fish-bowl8Buy at : This Next

9.   Speedfish Bowl

If you’re into racing, or if you love creative fish bowls, you’ve got to see this speed fish bowl. Complete with twists and turns and even a checkered flag, it’s reminiscent of a race car track, so your fish can race away to their hearts’ content.

No more boring old fish bowls.The speed fish bowl is just one of the latest creative, unique designs to update fish bowls into modern looking, fun, decorative pieces.


10.   1984 Fish Bowl

Here is a fresh, creative variation of a fish bowl from Danny Cheung, named 1984 Fishbowl. It is made of porcelain, but it has three rather large domed portholes that add intrigue to this fish bowl.

Each porthole is of different size with varying degrees of concaveness to each dome.These features create an asymmetric shape that peaks the curiosity not only of the fish, as they offer varying degrees of magnification that humans are intrigued by.

The opaque porcelain outer part of the bowl even offers a hideaway for the shy fish. Since each porthole is unique, they offer a varying degree of magnification, which adds just another cool effect to the 1984 Fishbowl, which, by the way, was inspired by and named after the novel ‘1984’ written by George Orwell.


Designer : Danny Cheung

11.   Joe Doucet Fish Bowl

Joe Doucet has designed a brand new fish bowl that incorporates real plant life to make the fish truly feel at home. This cool new creation has a separate, inner bowl in which you can plant any sort of flower or plant life to add colour and an even more natural fish bowl.

Since the inner bowl is separate, you can plant whatever you want and it will not harm the fish, but make it seem like the fish’s natural habitat. Doucet’s design is not only pleasing to the fish, but its sleek, clean design is very modern and aesthetically pleasing as well.

fish_bowl11Designer :  Joe Doucet

12 .   Biorb Fish Tank

If you’re looking for a sleek, modern take on a fish bowl for your goldfish, then check out the biOrb goldfish bowl collection. Talk about modern, the LED lights included in this collection automatically change to project varying stages of the day like sunrise, sunset, to make the fish feel as though they are in their natural habitat.

Each fish bowl is made of acrylic, and you can choose from piano black, chilli red, and ice white. The BiOrb fish tank comes in various sizes ranging from thirty to sixty litres, priced from £209-269.


Product Page: Reef-One

13.    Air 1 Aquarium

The Air 1 Aquarium is a sleek new take on aquarium furniture from French designer Amaury Poudray and Pierre Pigna, a glass craftsman. These two worked together to create this aquarium masterpiece.

The aquarium itself is a long, oval-shaped container set atop a narrow steel frame. To some, the bowl may seem like it’s floating in mid-air. This piece is not only a creative, original take on an aquarium, but the delicate design is really a piece of art.


Designer  : Amaury Poudray

14.    Fish Shaped Fish Bowl

Let your fish swim around in its own likeness! This fish-shaped fish bowl is a creative, fun way to display your goldfish with pride. And the actual bowl is really cool, too, as it unexpectedly has intricate details on the tail and fins that add shine to the whole bowl.

This fish bowl is sure to be a conversation piece, not to mention a great home for your goldfish. You can get this cool bowl in medium, large, and extra large size.



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