Why Do Our Doggies Have Herbivore Behavior?

Anyone who has a pet at home knows that dogs often eat grass. In case you are wondering why they have this behavior, there is a reasonable explanation. Surely, it is not because they have worms that irritate their stomach.

The animal experts are explaining this process as normal and claim that dogs eat grass because of a certain nutrition, which is needed by the puppy organism. Pets are not the only one that needs that nutrition. Leopards, lions and jaguars also eat an amazing amount of grass.

dog eating grass

Meat-eating predators, as well as the pets are eating the grass because it clears their body from bad toxins. This behavior observed by many zoologists is that carnivores eat water and grass to keep the salt level constant in their bodies.

The researchers point out more odd facts. Several researchers found out that in a leopard’s body there is nearly 17 percent amount of grass and other plants. The scientists explain the process simply – as the human body needs herbal, so do the pets and other predators.

It is actually healthy and good for your pet system, because it is a natural instinctive way to clear the toxin and to take the needed nutrition so to preserve it in their organisms.


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