Stow & Go Foldable Travel Bowl To Let Your Dog Eat Comfortably!

Dog bowls should always be included in the list of must-haves when you have pet in your home. The bowls will let your dog dine in style and the comfortable levels of your pet will also be more while eating.


There are various types of dog bowls available in the market; all of them will have their own advantages and disadvantages.

A good dog bowl lets your pet to eat comfortably and happily where as the improper one makes it to feel difficult while eating.

Not all the dog bowls will be suitable for traveling because they require special maintenance. This stow and go foldable travel bowl is great for any backpack, duffle or glove box. It is easy to carry and the maintenance is also very less when compared to the other normal pet bowls.

The Stow and go foldable travel bowl is a silicone bowl that looks and acts like a dog bowl yet it folds up like an origami pumpkin. This scintillating bowl masquerades also acts as a bucket for special occasions.

The price is also reasonable; even though if you feel the price as little bit high, can’t you spare for your best companion.

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