LED Dog Tail Communicator To Understand Your Doggy

Does your dog recognize your moods? The most common answer is yes.

Do you recognize your dog’s language or understand what it is trying to explain?  The most common answer is no. Have you ever tried to understand what your doggy is trying to explain you?

If you have a ferocious pet, understanding his/her language can go a long way to avoiding brutal behavior.

While experienced dog owners learn to understand their pets’ language, new owners need to get to know the individual linguistic signals which their dog displays.

Because apprentice dog owners cannot understand their dog’s language, this sometimes leads to miscommunication.

LED Dog Tail Communicator aims to bridge the gap between humans and dogs, enabling humans to understand dog talk and teaching the dog to adjust to human territory.

When you domesticate a dog, you remove it from its habitat and make it accustomed to your habitat. This sometimes leads to frustration and miscommunication.

This evolutionary technology in LED Dog Tail Communicator works with LED lights which work when the tail wags. Different tail waving frequencies have different meanings; the LED Dog Tail Communicator understands the frequency and gives the message.

Source: http://www.coolest-gadgets.com/


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