Have Fun Planning And Decorating Your Bird Feeder!

One of my earliest happy memories is visiting my Grandmother, who had a beautifully planned garden, and in which the pride of place went to the bird feeder.

This was where birds of all shapes and sizes and hues would congregate through the day, and I would spend hours watching them, perched on my Grandma’s lap, munching on chocolate cookies and drinking my glass of milk.

I too have a bird feeder in my garden, where birds of all kinds come to eat, which my grandchildren love to come and watch.

Bird feeder plans

There are many types of bird feeders available in the market today for a price, but how about making the construction of a bird feeder into a family project, which involves your kids or grand kids?

Hexagonal Bird Feeder: Take this simple plan, for one: cut pieces of wood into 9inch lengths, and assemble them together into a hexagonal shape. Cut a screen into a hexagonal shape, measuring the same dimensions as the strips of wood would when nailed together, and stick both together.

When assembled, the screen at the bottom will drain away the rain water, and help keep the bird seed dry. Mount it and place it in the garden, and watch the birds arrive!

Hardware cloth suet feeder: The Northern Prairie Wildlife Research Center recommends the hardware cloth suet feeder, which has a sliding roof, and a feeder made of hardware cloth. This is easy to make, and maintenance free.

Plexiglas bird feeder: The Missouri Department of Conservation recommends the Plexiglas bird feeder. This bird feeder can either be mounted on a post, or hung from a tree with a hanger, preferably close to bushes and branches of your tree so that the birds can arrive and retreat at their pleasure.

The feeder must be made with Plexiglas sides so that you can watch the level of the feed. If you make it in such a way that you can remove one side, it could be easier for you to maintain and keep clean.

Eco-friendly bird feeder: There is this eco-friendly bird feeder that I loved using, and which I would recommend. This one does not need much building: all you have to do is make a sliding roof shelter for the bird feeder, place a flat of green grass onto the roof, and hang the entire assembly onto your tree.

The roof provides a natural shelter for the feed, and is pleasing to the eye as well. Just remember to water the grass on the roof whenever you change the bird feed.


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