Humane Society Warns Against Keeping Turtles As Pets

turtleThe Humane Society of the United States recently reported that the Salmonella bacteria is not only present in food products but can also be caught from turtles and other reptiles, infecting human beings.

Another source, the National Centers for Disease Control and Prevention confirmed that 74000, that is to say 6% of Salmonella outbreaks reported in the United States originate from reptiles and amphibians and that at least four cases of Salmonella infections were associated with turtles.

Unfortunately, although the selling of turtles of less than four inches in length to have been forbidden in the United States since 1975, these exotic pets are still being sold illegally.

Elderly persons, small children and people with weak immune systems are more vulnerable to this infection, which may lead to severe complications. In fact a child died in 2007 having caught the Salmonella bacteria from its pet turtle.

In addition to being a risk for the family’s health, pet turtles belong to the wild and should not be treated as pets.

Keeping them in the house is both detrimental to the environment as well as the animal’s welfare and a danger for the household.


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