Tips For The Healthy Growth Of Your Yorkie Puppy!

Yorkie Puppy!Thinking of owning a puppy which shows diversifications in its nature? Then own a Yorkie puppy, as this puppy shows many diversifications in its nature.

It is fearless, intelligent, lively and an extremely affectionate dog. This puppy is also very arrogant at times, becomes fiery and sometimes a very good lap dog.

Yes, Yorkie puppy is a very good lap dog and loves to be on you.

This puppy lap for hours and shower you with lot of affection. They need human’s attention and cannot grow without proper puppy care and attention, but sometimes these puppies tend to be independent and assertive. They have very playful nature and are very lively in nature.

Care to take for Yorkie puppy:

  • The first ever care to be taken for the Yorkie puppy is to take the puppy to the vet. As soon as you bring the Yorkie puppy to home, take the puppy to the vet and have a detailed diagnosis of the puppy. By checking the puppy completely, you can make sure that the puppy will be safe. Diagnosis of the disease in the early stages will avoid the unnecessary tensions of the puppy’s health.
  • The puppy cannot get along well in the new place. So, the Yorkie puppy will have extreme stress while you bring the puppy to your new home. So, make sure you do not tie the puppy in a small place and make it even more stressful. Leave the puppy freely and let it explore for some time in the new place to get accustomed to the new place.
  • The first time you bring the Yorkie puppy home, you tend to feed it with different items. Don’t do this to your puppy, consult the puppy breeder or the vet and ask for preferred food for the Yorkie puppy. Only feed the puppy with prescribed food for a healthy growth of the puppy. Feed the prescribed Yorkie puppy food for at least 3 weeks of age. Feed the Yorkie puppy twice a day with small meals rather than one big meal at once.
  • It’s very necessary to bathe your Yorkie puppy regularly. Bathe the puppy at least twice in a month for maintaining the coat healthy. Bathing the Yorkie puppy regularly will avoid dust mites in the coat. Frequent bathing leads to evaporation of oils in the skin and make the skin dry making the coat bristle.
  • Grooming is very important for the Yorkie puppies as the coat is very dense and thick. So, regular grooming is necessary for maintaining the coat healthy. The coat of the Yorkie puppy is very long, so the puppy may also need a regular hair cut. Brushing is very important for avoiding tangles in the hair of the puppy. Always check for mites on the Yorkie puppy body as the fur is very dense and thick.
  • Regularly brush the Yorkie puppy teeth with brush and prescribed dog tooth paste. These are prone to many teeth diseases, so a regular checkup of the teeth is prescribed at least twice in a year. Do not worry if your Yorkie puppy is loosing teeth at 1 ½ yr age, this is baby teeth and the strong teeth will be grown after these baby teeth are out.


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