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Poisonous Birds around the World

Poisonous Birds around the World

You might usually be considering birds as harmless and peaceful creatures but wait till you read this! Birds such as pigeons and sparrows are known for their peaceful nature while eagles and falcons are known for their extreme agility and speed of flight. On the other hand is the list of these tiny, colorful malignant […]

facts about dodo bird

Top 5 Facts about Dodo Bird

Raphus Cucullatus more commonly known as Dodo, is an extinct  bird that was unable to fly but could run at a great speed. The bird Dodo was  endemic to the drier  coastal areas of Mauritius, in the east of Madagascar that is located in the Indian Ocean. The last sighting of  Dodo was reported in […]

differences between male and female peacocks

Main Differences Between Male and Female Peacocks

Aren’t peacocks one of the most beautiful bird species in the world? Well this term is often used to refer to both the male and female species but what most of us don’t know is that the females are actually known as peahens.  This bird is a native to India and is the national bird […]

window bird feeders

How to Hang and Care for Window Bird Feeders

Hanging bird feeders in your windows can be the best way to know your birds. But do we all hang the feeders at the right position and care for them in the best possible way? Not really. There are many things that can go wrong with the placement of the bird feeder and how we […]

signs of illnesses in birds

5 Signs and Symptoms of Illnesses in Birds

Have you been noticing some changes in your pet bird like behavioral changes, physical changes or sudden inactivity? Has your bird not been the same for the last few days? Well, these could just be signs of illnesses or diseases which you must definitely not ignore. Like us, birds too show signs and symptoms of […]