The 5 Most Effective ways to Prevent your Cat from Getting Stolen

Cats are an owner of their own mind and are one of the most free roaming creatures. Due to this nature of theirs, cats are easy targets for thieves and are often stolen and sold. Unless a cat is kept indoor, it is hard for you to avoid or prevent it from getting stolen.

But thanks to modern day technology, there are many ways following which you can prevent cat theft. If you wish to feel secure about your cat’s safety at all times, even when it is outdoors and roaming you can follow the following given 5 ways.

ways to prevent your cat from getting stolenMicro Chipping

Micro chipping is one of the best ways to ensure that your cat or any other pet for that matter doesn’t get stolen. If your cat gets lost, then micro chipping enables it to be found easily. Micro chipping can ensure that your cat will become identifiable and whoever finds it will be able to return it to you. Micro chipping is a process through which a microchip is injected into cat’s skin by a vet and if a scanner is passed over it, the identification of the cat appears and can be matched with existing records. This is a good way to trace cats and other pets.

Identification Tags

Another great way to prevent cats from getting stolen is using identification tags. Although, including a cat’s identification tag on the collar of the cat can easily be removed by the thief but writing that the cat is micro-chipped will prevent the thief from stealing the cat.


If your cat is stolen or lost, then its latest photograph can help you publicize its disappearance and help identifying the cat. Make sure you click pictures of your cat every now and then and take these pictures from both sides of the cat. Click pictures of all distinguishing features of the cat such as marks and any injury spots etc.

Spray the Cat

Another effective way to avoid cat from roaming about outside the house is to spray it or neuter it. Fixed animals are less likely to wander away from indoors and do not go too far away.

Other Ways

Some other ways include padlocking your gate, keep the cat on leash whenever you venture outside the house, maintain up to date licenses on your pets and never leave cats unattended.


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