Reasons and how to Deal with an Angry Cat

A cat is rarely angry and if it is then you need to understand that this anger is an expression of your cat’s territorialism, its fear or dominance over another cat. So if you see that your cat has donned the ‘Halloween cat’ posture, you need to understand that soon it will hiss, growl, widen its eyes and jump. The best way to housebreak your cat and keep it from getting angry is patience. But you may need more than an attitude adjustment to get things worked out.

how to deal with an angry catWhy do Cats Get Angry?

  • As a kitten if your cat was ill treated, beaten, scared or touched roughly then anger is possible. It may not thus like to be touched and can react with anger.
  • Many a time people play with their cats and treat them badly. You may have the misfortune of petting such a cat and bear the brunt of this behavior.
  • If your cat has been injured and has not recovered well then anger is normal. You will also note this irate behavior if your cat is sick.
  • If you try to keep your cat confined then you will see that the creature will turn aggressive.
  • When cats become old and lose their energy they become lazy and get irritated. This can also make the cats quite angry.
  • If you are not giving your cat proper food then it may become seriously aggressive.
  • When cats lose their claws their defense mechanism enhances. They become very aggressive and their attempt to bite increases.

How to Curb Aggression in Felines

  • Find the source of your cat’s aggression. Unless you have determined the source, you will not be able to understand how to deal with it.
  • Make sure that you wear long sleeves and gloves when dealing with your cat that is prone to biting and scratching. This will minimize damage to you.
  • Do not play with your cat in a room that has appliances that make hissing sounds. Also do not speak to your cat with words that have ‘s’ sounds.
  • Let your cat smell the object that you have brought to play. The less surprises you have, the better it is.
  • Designate a corner for your cat that is quiet and dark. In an uncomfortable situation your cat will attack or flee. Making arrangements for a safe lair will help your cat.

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