6 Most Common Mistakes Made by Cat Owners

Owning a cat as a pet can be a great experience as cats are wonderful animals that become your friend and a part of your life. But there are many common mistakes which most cat owners tend to make and it is easy to make these mistakes as there is no one to tell you the correct way to do certain things.

6 Most Common Mistakes Made by Cat Owners

Below given is the list of the most common mistakes which you should avoid as a cat owner:

1. Using Dog Products for Cats

This is one of the most common mistakes which a cat owner can make. Since dogs are the more popular pet types, a lot of people tend to use dog products like dog food and others for cats. It is important to know that there are separate products for cats too which are available easily in the market.

2. Giving Human Medications

Another common mistake which is made by cat owners is giving their cat’s human medication. It is important to remember that this can prove fatal and you must always consult a vet before giving any medication to the pet cats.

3. Not Going to the Vet for Regular Checkups

Often, cat owners are casual in their approach towards taking cats to the vet. They usually go to the vet only if their cats are ill or sick. Cat owners should visit the vet on a regular basis to get vaccinations, general medical checkups and maintenance of their overall health.

4. Feeding Dry Food

Dry kibble is the worst food that you can feed to your cat. Most cat foods available in the market lack the nutrients needed for the health of cats and you must always consult with your vet before giving dry foods.

5. Not Bathing and Cleaning Cats Regularly

Just like dogs, cats also need to be bathed and cleaned every now and then. A general hygiene level must be maintained to avoid illnesses, infections and other such issues. The overall hygiene must also include brushing teeth, combing fur and sponges.

6. Assuming its Normal for the Cat to Throw Up

It is not normal or regular for cats to throw up. If your cat throws up often, then you must definitely consult your vet and get a checkup done. Throwing up may be a sign of an underlying problem which must be cured as soon as possible.


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