16 Creative Bird Feeder Designs

1. Song Bird Feeder

This Song Bird Feeder has a sleek, modern look, but with a functional design. The food is stored and protected in the upper portion, and it travels down two channels into the bottom of the feeder. This upper portion is also a good shelter for the birds


as they are feeding.

The bottom portion of the Song Bird Feeder is a great perch for birds, and the food is dispersed onto the bottom, so several birds can feed at the same time.  The Song Bird Feeder can be hung from a branch or other hanging spot, and it can also be posted into the ground.  The beautiful natural green color is a nice finishing touch to this modern bird feeder.


Designer: Sehwan Oh

2. Double sided Bird Feeder

Sofie Collin designed a simple, unique, double-sided bird feeder that utilizes a hanging sack of bird seed. It has several different places for birds to perch within reach of the hanging sack. One side of the feeder is veneer while the other side is green.

The veneer side is where the sack of seeds hangs, and the perches are located at various places around the sack for easy access. This set-up is great for hanging right outside your window, where you can observe the birds’ activities without disturbing them. Birds are sure to be attracted to this simple, double-sided bird feeder.


Designer: Sofie Collin

3. Human Ash Bird Feeder

A solemn reminder of the circle of life, the human ash bird feeder may shock some, but may also bring some semblance of comfort to others.  Everyone deals with death differently, and this is a simple way for some to find closure.  The human ash bird feeder was created by Nadine Jarvis.

The entire structure is made of human ashes, bird food, and beeswax.  As the birds peck the food the bird feeder disintegrates.  The only thing remaining is a wooden perch that was previously inscribed with memorial details about the person whose ashes were used to create the feed. Although death is always a sensitive topic, Nadine Jarvis may have helped some families find a way to honor their loved one.


Designer: Nadine Jarvis

4. Bread Stand/Bird Feeder

Here is a cute bird feeder/bread stand designed by Reddish Studio based in Israel. The bright red feeder is attached to a stand which allows little birdies to share a feast together. The sleek, simple design of the bird feeder is really a traditional look with its house shape and perch, and it also offers shelter for the birds from the elements.

The bread stand is a creative addition that all birds and bird lovers are sure to enjoy; you can even save your leftovers to place on the bread stand. Just make sure there is plenty of bread to go around!


Designer :  Reddish Studio

5. Droog Birdhouse

Marcel Wanders has designed a simple yet elegant Droog Birdhouse. It has a circular base covered with a simple roof to protect the bird seed and the birds as they dine. The Droog Birdhouse is really a simple, modern design when compared to the traditional bird feeders.

Since the base is circular in shape it allows for several birds to feed at the same time. Enjoy the sights and sounds of little birdies all year long with the Droog Birdhouse. You can check out Unica home and POAA for this stylish little bird feeder.


Designer :  Marcel Wanders

6. Bird Snack

The Bird Snack is a sleek, modern version of a bird feeder that is beautiful to look at, even with no birds! It’s made with shiny organic porcelain in a simple oval-like shape, with an opening and a perch on each side. The shape allows for simple cleaning and an easy way to maintain the bird seed supply.

There’s also a perch on the inside, where a bird can find refuge from the wind and snow. When Yvonne Penter designed the Bird Snack, she really created a beautiful, modern, sleek-looking bird feeder that is functional as well. I personally love the use of organic porcelain, it just adds to the natural feel of this bird feeder.


Designer: Yvonne Penter

7. White Bird Ball Peanut Feeder

Check out the design of this Bird Ball peanut feeder. The shiny outer surface made of clay protects the food to allow birds to dine all year long as it is completely weather proof. The perches are made of flexi perch, a system that doesn’t cause damage to our little winged friends’ beaks and feet like wire or other materials can.

The Bird Ball is specifically designed for smaller birds to have their own private dining without larger birds and squirrels chasing them away.  The simple design uses gravity to dispense the food and is very easy to fill and to clean.


8. Lunchbox Bird Feeder

The Lunchbox Bird feeder is a simple, stylish bird feeder made of white ceramic with light blue nylon webbing. The nylon webbing adds a great color contrast to the ceramic for an eye-pleasing look that will look great with any outdoor decor.

The large opening allows for easy filling and cleaning, and it also allows for large and small birds to seek refuge from the weather. The Lunchbox Birdfeeder is a simple yet elegant design that allows for a perfect view of the beautiful birds perched, enjoying their next meal. Birds and bird lovers are sure to enjoy this bird feeder.

bird-feeder8Buy at : Branch Home

9. Perch Bird Feeder

The Perch Bird feeder is a modern take on the traditional bird feeder.  Let your feathered friends dine in style with this white earthenware feeder designed by Amy Adams and custom made by hand by Brooklyn-based Perch!  The design allows birds to enter the feeder for protection against the weather, or there are several places for them to perch if they choose.  The simplicity of this feeder allows for easy filling and cleaning, not to mention it’s dishwasher safe.

The outer surface is coated with non-toxic materials, and the leather cord is tanned with only vegetable based dyes, making it extremely environmentally friendly. Get the Perch Bird feeder for a sleek, modern look, whether hanging from a tree in the backyard or just outside a window for easy viewing. It’s available now at Branch Home.


10. Egg Bird Feeder

The Egg Bird feeder is a uniquely designed bird feeder made of ceramic and aluminum designed by J. Shatz.  The glossy exterior comes in a variety of colors, from Easter pastels to spring perennial colors. This bird feeder is geared toward smaller birds.

The egg shaped design is perfect for protecting the bird seed stored in the feeder, and there are four different perches available for easy access to the food source. This Egg Bird Feeder is a great way to add color to your backyard and enjoy the sights and sounds of nature. The unique design makes the Egg Bird Feeder a great gift for children and grandchildren.


Buy at: Jschatz

11. Eva Solo Bird Feeder

Check out this award-winning, stylishly designed bird feeder by Eva Solo. Its fantastic circular design is perfect for small birds to gobble up their dinner in any weather conditions, and allows for easy filling and cleaning. There’s an opening on each side to allow multiple birds to dine at one time.

Made of mouth blown glass, its modern look is perfect for decorating your yard. The clear glass allows you to see the multi-colored bird seed inside.  The Eva Solo bird feeder is approximately 24 cm in diameter, and the rubber hanger slides easily onto a branch. It’s no surprise this bird feeder is a best-seller, and it can be enjoyed all year long.


12. Popoutz Bird Feeder

These 100% recyclable Popoutz Bird Feeders are the latest craze in bird feeders.  There are so many options available, you can choose from four different styles and six different vibrant colors.  Each Popoutz bird feeder is lightweight and easy to fill and clean.

They’re perfect for any size bird to perch and feed in style. Choose whatever type of food you wish; Popoutz can be used with any type of food. It also makes a great decorative addition to any backyard, or hang it right outside a window for up-close observation. Popoutz bird feeders are a fun, affordable way for kids and adults to enjoy nature.


13. Funny Faced Bird Feeders

Hilarious is the word I would use to describe these Pet Bird Feeders. The “face” of the dog, or whatever pet you choose, is attached to a tree or the side of a shed or house. The “paws”  are where the bird food is actually kept.

Birds can perch on the paws to enjoy their meal while studying the odd looking animal face looking back at them! With easy installation, it’s a great way to get your kids involved, and they’re sure to love the silly animal face, not to mention the birds. This is one of the most creative bird feeders I’ve ever seen!


14. Apple Bird Feeder

Be one with Mother Nature with this all-natural, wooden Apple Bird Feeder.  At six bucks each, the Apple Bird Feeder is an inexpensive option to attract birds. The apple fits right inside a cute little house-shaped feeder with a tiny roof. Simply pierce an apple (or any kind of fruit) or suet ball with the skewer and hang wherever you like.

This is one of the easiest bird feeders to maintain and keep clean. Enjoy the sights and sweet sounds of birds all day long with this Apple Bird Feeder. It’s a fresh, new way to attract birds and add decoration to your garden or backyard.


15. OKKO Bird Feeder

The OKKO Bird Feeder is a versatile, modern design that can be used for feeding birds, potting plants, or both! Designed by Emir Rifat Isik, the OKKO Bird Feeder can be hung from a ceiling on a porch or balcony, or it can be posted and placed in a garden or as a lawn decoration.

If you use the post, you can pot a plant in the upper portion, and birds can still perch and feed from the lower portion. When hung from a ceiling, it offers numerous perches for multiple birds, with the food and water available at the lower portion.

Yet another option for the birds, the openings are large enough for them to seek shelter from the elements. Not only is the OKKO Bird Feeder versatile, but its super modern look adds decoration to any lawn, garden, or ceiling.


Designer: Emir Rifat Isik

16. Bird On Branch Bird Feeder

The Bird on Branch Bird Feeders are sturdy, durable, and uniquely designed bird feeders. They are made of 12 gauge steel with a powder coating that offers strength and durability, and can be hung from a tree or a wall.  Removable stainless steel bowls sit on a rubber ring and allow for a silent dining experience.

The wide base holds up to one pint of food and allows for multiple birds to dine simultaneously. An overhang at the top provides protection to birds perched below. The Bird on Branch Bird Feeders are available in various colors, and the hardware is powder coated to match whichever color you choose. Every piece of these bird feeders is made and assembled in the U.S.A.


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