5 Things you should avoid doing with your cats

Cats are lovely, especially when it comes to their cute looks and behaviors. However, unlike dogs, they are completely different creatures. You might have raised pets in the past, but when it comes to cats, you must learn few things in order to take care of them. Cats are tricky to handle, and hence, you must be well prepared from beforehand. Here, this article will guide you on things which you mustn’t ever do to your cat.

Things to avoid

  • Feeding it with strong foods
  • Not keeping a watch on your cat when its wondering in the outdoors
  • Raising the cat with other unmatchable pets
  • Not providing it with enough love and care
  • Frightening your cat

5 Things you should avoid doing with your cats

Foods which you should avoid serving to your cat

Cats, unlike dogs, have a weak stomach. Hence, you mustn’t provide them with certain foods meant for other pets. It often happens that pet owners serve dog foods (and foods meant for other species) to their cats. It’s strongly discouraged. Here is the list of few common foods which you must not give to your pet cat.

  • Chocolate.
  • Alcohol
  • A few of the selective dairy products.
  • Onions, garlic, etc.

Not looking for your cats when it’s in the outdoors

You must know that cats are indoor animals, love staying in the comfort of their own shelters. However, it’s not a bad idea to let them see the outside world sometimes. But that must be done with precautions, as your cat will get confused about the outside world the moment it steps out of its shelter. It often happens that a cat gets attacked by a dog, or hit by a car while crossing the door. Hence, you must keep an eye on it.

Do not raise a cat with other unmatchable pets

Cats cannot grow side by side with other species, especially dogs (though exceptions occur). So before you buy a cat, make sure that the pets you have in your home are friendly towards cats. Also, make it sure that the cat will get well along with those pets.

Do not avoid your cat

It’s true that cats don’t need love and care as much as the dogs do. It is also true that cats like solace. However, completely ignoring your cat is definitely not a good idea. You must try to understand its body language and pay heed to it when required. Do not completely ignore your cat or leave it in the darkness.

Avoid frightening your cat

There are owners who punish their pets for the mistakes they do, also there are few mistakes made by the cat owners. Do not ever do that. Do not scare, do not yell or do not punish your cat physically. Instead, you must let your cat live the way it likes to live. A health relationship with your pet is always encouraged.


When you plan to raise a cat, you must be a responsible pet owner. As long as you understand the responsibilities, you will be fine with your pets. Hence, love your cat and also let it find solace when it needs. Master the art of learning a cat’s body language, and you will turn out to be a great pet owner.


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