Some Effective Ways to Train your Dog for a Dog Show

Do you think that your dog has all the elements that are required to participate in a dog show? Can you imagine your canine winning the championship and becoming a star? Well if yes then you can register for the next dog show in time and start training your dog for it right away. With a few tips and suggestions, you can easily get your dog ready for the big day. The following are the most effective tips:

ways to train your dog for a dog showTeach your Dog to Stand Still

One of the first tips to train your dog for a dog show is to correct his posture. For this, you will need to teach him to stack or stand still and squarely. Different dogs need different kinds of training to learn how to stack and you must do the right training depending upon your dog’s breed. Make sure that you are firm but do not scold him.

Work on the Dog’s Expression

Another tip which will help you prepare your dog for the big day is to work on its expressions. Teach him how to look alert and happen when he is stacked. To teach him this, you can offer a treat as bait. The next way to do so use the collar to help him stay still.

Practice Gaiting

Gaiting is moving your dog in a way which allows the judge to see the structure and movement. Trot is the most correct gait. Learn the difference between pacing and gaiting. Pacing is wrong but even trotting is correct but only in the right pace.

Find a Practice Group in your Area

Another way to train your dog for a dog show is to find a nearby kennel group or a practice group where the dog can have practice matches. These shows are judged by local club members and aspiring judges.

Practice Over and Over Again

Give you dog as many practice sessions as possible. You can have other people act as judge so that the dog is aware that people are watching him. Get your dog’s teeth and ears examined and also the feet, tail, hair and other body parts.

Check the Physical Fitness of the Dog

Physically train your dog by taking him out for walks, runs and playing sessions. This will make him more active, energetic and flexible and these qualities can prove useful for the show.


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