Fantastic Tips for Becoming a Great Dog Owner

Have you seen some pet owners giving all their love and care to their cats or dogs? Have you seen them properly handle their pets and manage them in every possible situation? Well these are just a few signs of a good pet owner. So if you too own a dog and wish to be a good owner to it,you can follow the following given tips and suggestions. Afterall, the better owner you are the more loyal will your canine be to you.

fantastic tips for becoming a great dog ownerLearn to Groom your Dog Yourself

One of the best ways to be a good dog owner is to know how to groom the dog. You must teach yourself how to give baths, how often to give baths, how to dry the dog, how to smoothen his hair etc. When you do these grooming tasks on your own, you also bond with your dog a little more and that definitely puts you in a category of a good dog owner.

Take your Dog out for Two Long Walks Each Day

Your dog needs exercise and physical fitness, just like you. As a responsible dog owner, it is important for you to take him out for two 30 minute walks everyday. If you have a dog who is small or is in its puppy stage now, then starting off with a little less time will also be okay.

Crate Train the Dog

From the very beginning, make it is habit to teach your dog how to sleep in his crate. A crate is basically your dog’s home and security. This will make him disciplined and will also make you a good owner of a dog.

Reward him When he does Something Right

Another way to be a good dog owner is to reward your dog whenever he does something right. Give him a treat and see him become a good and loyal pet to you. Tell him ‘great job’ in an excited voice.

Take him to a Training Class

To ensue good training for the dog, you can take him to a training class when he is young. The class will teach him how to follow instructions of ‘sit’, ‘stay’, ‘down’ and ‘heel’. The class will also teach him how to walk on a leash. The training will mend his behavior and will help you control and manage him in a much better way.


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